Benefits of T-NET Training

What are the typical benefits for those who participate in the T-NET Pastor Training and Coaching?  Here are just a few of the benefits you will recieve.

  • Personal training in using your church to make disciples
  • Increase in weekly giving of 50%-150%
  • Increase in conversion (evangelism) growth
  • 50% - 85% of your members in weekly intentional disciplemaking small groups
  • 10%-40% of members graduate to higher spiritual maturity level every year
  • Effective lay leader development process in your church
  • Training for church planters – Every church plants 2-4 new churches every 2 years using trained lay leaders
  • Denominations multiply their churches
  • Exceptional, certified training for pastors
  • Bible college level education
  • Degree or course credit
  • You become a pastoral trainer
  • Trained as trainers, pastors are honored with scholarships of approximately 90% off tuition
  • Obey Christ’s command
  • Finish the Great Commission in your lifetime!