Core Values

Our core values are the highest values that guide every decision and action in our ministry. As such, they are a “covenant” to those to whom and with whom we minister, that we will do all we do in accordance with these values.

Our over-arching value and commitment to the Lordship of Christ and to Biblical obedience guides all we do and say. To that end, in the T-NET ministry, we value:

  1. Integrity of trainers: Deploying only trainer-coaches who seek to model with integrity (in their own churches and lives) all of the principles of disciplemaking that we teach in this ministry.
  2. Comprehensive product – the disciple: Training/coaching church leaders to intentionally define and produce a comprehensive product (the disciple) including “All” that Jesus commanded.
  3. Every-Ministry disciplemaking: Training/coaching church leaders to use every ministry in their church to work together to produce the disciple Jesus specified.
  4. Measurable change, both systemic and individual: Training/coaching church leaders in such a way that the largest majority of them are able to effectively produce measurable systemic change in local churches resulting in measurable life change in individual church members.
  5. Transferability: Providing training/coaching in such a way that it is transferable and can be multiplied from leader to leader and from church to church.
  6. Excellence in training: Providing training/coaching of the highest quality practical in a given locale.
  7. Ministry volume dependent on total obedience: Using training/coaching approaches that reach the greatest number of churches that are willing to go “all the way” in becoming disciplemaking churches.
  8. Focus on finishing the Great Commission: Training/coaching churches to not just to work at but to “finish” the Great Commission.
  9. Strategy prioritized by the most fruit: Focusing our ministry resources where the Holy Spirit provides the most fruit.
  10. Coaching: Using the dynamic of coaching, not just training, so that the most leaders are equipped to succeed and multiply themselves.