DisciplePath One-Day Workshop


As an introduction to the DisciplePath process, or a stand-alone experience for a training meeting or retreat, one-day workshops provide a powerful catalyst that can help your church move toward a more intentional disciplemaking process.

An Initial Step

Your church is struggling with growth, health and lacking an intentional process for spiritual formation. The DisciplePath One-Day Workshop is a great initial step that can introduce you to the principles of the Pathway to Enhanced Disciplemaking, and help generate interest and unity among key staff and church leaders.

A Powerful Educational Tool

Church staff retreat? Denominational Conference. Church Network Meeting. The DisciplePath One-Day Workshop is the perfect tool for any leadership training event. Why? Because disciplemaking is at the core of the Church's mission, so regardless of denomination or style, all Christian churches desire to present believers "complete in Christ."

The DisciplePath One-Day Workshop can be tailored or modified for length or to be compatible with any denominational guidelines.

Contact DisciplePath

Dr Joe Olachea, DisciplePath Church Training USA Director, jolachea@disciplepath.org 609-706-0573

DisciplePath Church Training - P.O. Box 460579, Aurora, CO 80046 info@tnetwork.com 720-886-0737