History of T-NET

The vision for T-NET began with Bill Hull a pastor committed to returning his church and others to their disciplemaking roots. While establishing his own church in disciplemaking, Bill wrote several books showing how the gospels describe in detail Jesus own method of making disciples and how we can use His method. Hull brought in church consultant, Bob Gilliam, to develop the process for instructing churches and in 1991 T-NET (short for Training Network) was born. Nurtured under the umbrella of the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) T-NET is now an independent interdenominational ministry.

The method Hull and Gilliam would use was to gather several churches each bringing a group of their own leaders to be challenged, inspired, and instructed in making disciples Jesus’ way. They began with three centers involving 42 churches. Then in 1998 Bob Gilliam took over as President while Bill Hull returned to the pastorate. “As we have progressed over the years,” Gilliam says, “we have learned a great deal about what works and what doesn’t in helping churches bring people to fullness in Christ.” Consequently the program has changed considerably over the years with eleven revisions incorporating new insights both from lessons learned in T-NET churches as well as those gleaned from other ministries.

Since T-NET helps churches apply biblical principles it is equally applicable to independent Bible churches, Charismatic churches or churches from mainline denominations. Over 1200 churches in North America have completed T-NET's US training which now serves under the name “DisciplePath Church Training.”

In 1999 T-Net was invited to India. Since then T-NET has continued to expand its focus beyond US churches to the many developing nations of the world where T-NET trains pastors who otherwise have limited opportunities for training in Bible study methods and ministry skills.

Instead of simply training pastors to transform their churches, T-NET trains international pastors to train other pastors, and to multiply. It is the simple principle found in 2 Tim. 2:2, “Teach faithful men who can teach others also.” T-NET saw this work in India, the Philippines, then Zambia, then in country after country with ministry multiplying by 50% to 100% a year so that in only 10 years T-NET was in 24 countries. T-NET leaders realized that in any country, this kind of multiplication could actually finish the Great Commission if that multiplication continued through only 7 generations and this could be done in less than 20 years. This continues to be the focus and strategy of T-NET International.