Mission and Vision

The Mission of T-NET International is:

... to coach pastors and church leaders to finish the Great Commission in their own congregations, their own regions, and in every country of the world.

The Vision T-NET International is:

… to establish an indigenously led and funded, multiplying, disciple making, church-planting and revitalization movement in each of the 227 countries of the world, and to coach them until the Great Commission is finished.

Our Strategy is:

...to send a trainer to start a training center for disciplemaking pastors in each of the 230 countries of the world.To train the first 20-30 pastors in that country to become a team to finish the Great Commission in their own country.To coach these pastors to train succeeding centers through multiple generations of training until:

Every neighborhood is saturated with disciplemaking churches, every person has been invited to trust Christ as savior and every willing convert is in an intentional disciplemaking process that leads to full maturity

And the Great commission is finished!

FINISHING the Great Commission?

Christ’s last words to the church were the Great Commission –“Go and make disciples of all nations!” That command was meant to be finished, and Jesus promised that it would be finished. Mt. 24:14 states, “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations and then the end shall come.”

The early church understood that this command was meant to be finished. Jesus disciples traveled to the ends of the earth and all but one, the Apostle John, died a martyr’s death thousands of miles from Jerusalem. Paul even stated that he had finished this command from Jerusalem to the Adriatic Sea. But after the first century, Christians seem to have forgotten Christ’s command and have focused more on building their own church than on finishing Christ’s Great Commission to make disciples of all peoples.

After 2000 years, why have we not already finished the Great Commission?

  • No Responsibility – Most churches and denominations practice “FUBU” (For Us By Us). They do not take responsibility for anything that does not build their own local church. They have no value for finishing the Great Commission. Do you?
  • No Disciples – Finishing the Great Commission requires disciples, not just converts, but most churches do not know how to effectively transform converts into disciples, so churches are limited to what the pastor and a few leaders can do by themselves. Have you ever been trained how to make the kind of disciples Jesus made?
  • No Strategy – While a few churches have a strategy to saturate their neighborhood plus a few remote places, hardly any have a strategy to reach the entire world. If you could reach the entire world, would you be interested?

To obey our Father and finish the Great Commission we face the following overwhelming challenges:

  • Train 1 million pastors to make disciples
  • Plant an additional 13 million Disciplemaking churches
  • Make 700 million new disciples of Jesus Christ
  • Then, each disciple must share Christ with 10 friends

Over the past decade T-NET has expanded its focus beyond US churches to the many developing nations of the world where T-NET trains pastors who otherwise have limited opportunities for training in Bible study methods and ministry skills. Instead of simply training pastors to transform their churches, T-NET trains them to train other pastors to do that, and to multiply. It is the simple principle found in 2 Tim. 2:2, “Teach faithful men who can teach others also.” T-NET saw this work in the Philippines, then India, then Zambia, then in country after country with ministry multiplying by 50% to 100% a year so that in only 10 years T-NET was in 24 countries.

T-NET leaders realized that in any country, this kind of multiplication could actually finish the Great Commission if that multiplication continued through only 7 generations and this could be done in less than 20 years. 

Won't you join us in this high calling?  Find a Training Center, become a trainer, or sponsor a Training Center.