Advanced Degree in Organizational Management

The Minnesota Graduate School of Theology (MGST) and T-Net International have approved the creation of a new program of study for T-Net Training Center graduates called Organizational Management for Ministry Multiplication. The goal of this degree is to improve the management and multiplication of T-Net Training Centers and the resulting disciplemaking church plants for the entire T-Net process through multiple generations in each country. It will address functional issues of leadership, management and financial accountability.

Our T-Net Training Centers focus on making our students effective as disciplemaking pastors who apprentice church planters. The Organizational Management for Ministry Multiplication program will focus on making successful disciplemaking pastors effective as overseers of an expanding network of disciplemaking churches and new church plants. Those who have graduated with a Master of Ministry degree can take this program to earn a Doctor of Ministry while those who have graduated with a Bachelor of Ministry degree can take this program to earn a Master’s degree.


  • Successful completion/implementation of the T-Net College of Pastoral Leadership Training Center Degree Program.
  • No student can apply for the DMin without the successful completion of the 10 Course T-Net Training Center program of study.
  • Continued proven effectiveness in multiplication of T-Net trainers and training centers.
  • Continued proven effectiveness as a disciplemaking pastor or overseer.Continued integrity as outlined in the qualifications listed in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus.

The following outline will give an overview of both programs and how they work together.

TwoDegreeSchedule.JPGThe advanced degree in Organizational Management is designed to overlap the second and third years of the T-Net 10-Course Training Center and will assist pastors who are now training others. There will be no tuition charged for 500 and 700 level credits because students are training others as part of their teaching practicum. When this schedule is employed the requirements for two consecutive degrees will be completed.

Two Levels – Two Degrees

Level 1:To earn a BA or MA in Ministry pastors form a T-Net 10-Course Training Center meeting for a full week of study every four months for three years. After Course 5 pastors form teams and begin to train others whom they have recruited into new T-Net Centers.

  1. Intro to Finishing the Great Commission
  2. Training Church Planters
  3. Bible Study Methods and Sermon Prep
  4. Evangelism and Disciplemaking
  5. Coaching Leaders and Multiplying Ministry
  6. Developing a Disciplemaking Church
  7. Developing Leaders & Launching Disciplemaking
  8. Managing Disciplemaking Churches
  9. Teaching the Entire Bible
  10. Teaching Bible Doctrine

Level 2: Adding either an MA or a DMin Degree. Students who have begun their own training centers can pursue a second degree in Organizational Management for the Multiplication of Ministry. The T-Net 10-Course degree is a prerequisite. Those who earned a BA may now advance to an MA, those who earned an MA during the 10-Course program may now pursue a Doctor of Ministry. Teaching fellowships provide scholarships for 75% of the 60 credit hours.

  • MIN 510/511 - Management of Personal Life and Ministry
  • MIN 521 - Coaching and Mentoring of Leaders
  • MIN 522 - Communication skills/Conflict Resolution
  • MIN 523 - Advanced Spiritual Development
  • MIN 524 - Supervision and Accountability
  • MIN 625 - Leadership Development
  • MIN 626 - Ethics in Ministry
  • MIN 627 - Issues in Organizational Management
  • MIN 628 - Human Resource Management
  • MIN 629 - Strategic Planning
  • MIN 630 - Advanced Reporting and Data Analysis
  • MIN 761/762/763 - Ministry Practicum (Learning by Doing)
  • MIN 771/772 - Teaching Practicum (Learning by Teaching)
  • MIN 861/862/863 - Final Project

Students must be committed to finishing the Great Commission, become part of a training team and to pay their own expenses, including tuition, fees, travel and food.