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What is DisciplePath Church Training?

DisciplePath Church Training is the name for the North American T-Net training process. This program is designed to guide pastoral staff and key lay leaders through a process that will result in their church experiencing whole-church disciplemaking. This is a coaching and training process with no academic requirements and no credit offered by T-Net International. However, many pastors have completed Doctor of Ministry degrees from prestigious US seminaries in association with this training program.

Our Mission

The mission of DisciplePath Church Training is to coach pastors and church leaders to finish the Great Commission locally, regionally and globally.

Bring DisciplePath to your church or denomination. Complete the church training program or start with the One-day workshop.  Unleash the disciplemaking power of your church!

Contact DisciplePath

Dr Joe Olachea, DisciplePath Church Training USA Director, jolachea@disciplepath.org  609-706-0573 

DisciplePath Church Training - P.O. Box 460579, Aurora, CO 80046 info@tnetwork.com 720-886-0737