Pastor Training

How Does T-NET Pastor Training and Coaching Work?

T-NET is an intensive training and coaching process for present pastors and prospective church planters, providing a college and graduate school level education and practical training, without removing pastors from ministry. Special emphasis is placed on making disciples using the local church.

And, most importantly, every pastor is trained and equipped to not only train their congregation, but to train other pastors in the same manner they have been trained, so that the Great Commission can be finished in their country within their lifetime!

Usually meeting in a local church, 25-30 pastors and potential church planters gather together in a T-NET “center” to be taught and coached. Each pastor will be fully equipped and agrees to recruit and train other pastors just as he has been trained.

# of Generation # of Centers # of Pastors
First 1 25
Second 5 125
Third 25 625
Fourth 125 3,125

Pastors in training meet every four months for a week of intensive instruction and local church ministry assignments designed to equip them with the essential core knowledge of building a disciplemaking church, Christian theology, church planting, and practical pastoral knowledge. Through our partnership with Minnesota Graduate School of Theology pastors may earn a BA.Min, MA.Min or even a DMin degree without ever leaving their home or ministry.  Those who do not wish to pursue an accredited degree for this rigorous program will be granted a Diploma upon completion.

Resources Provided by T-NET

1. Help in strategic planning to finish the Great Commission

2. Experienced trainers who cover their own expenses

3. A proven training curriculum

4. Coaching and consultation to help finish your plan

5. Finances to translate into your language in 2nd generation

6. Coaching to help you raise money to cover your own costs

7. Certification, degree (if qualified) and/or course credit

Responsibilities of Pastors Receiving Training

1. Be committed enough to finishing the Great Commission to make significant personal sacrifices

2. Willing to pay tuition for Courses (usually $12-$40 USD per course)

3. Pay registration, matriculation and graduation fee to T-Net/MGST of $50 each.

3. Must cover own expenses (if any) for travel, food, etc.

4. Commit to attend all courses on time and do all homework

5. Commit to recruit and train the next generation of pastors – just as you were trained.