Spiritual Journey Evaluation - Onlne Scoring

Spiritual Journey Evaluation

The Spiritual Journey Evaluation is a spiritual life survey that is taken by members of a particular congregation to help the pastor(s) assess the spiritual health and vitality of the congregation as a whole.

The price for this service is a one time fee of $30.00 US.  Please contact ddurey@tnetwork.com to arrange to paid this fee for your local church.  Once you have made payment you will be provided with a password to gain access to the online scoring website. 

If you have paid the fee and receive the password click the link below to proceed to the scoring website where you will register and process as many Spiritual Journey Evaluations as you wish for your entire congregation or any subgroups.

New Church SJE Registration


Download Instructions for the Spiritual Journey Evaluation

Download Copy Master for the Spiritual Journey Evaluation