Sponsor Training Centers



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Our financial needs as a mission's organization are the similar to others, what is different is the ROI (return on investment.)  We know that in the past, God has given us one new convert regularly attending a disciplemaking church for every $10 dollars given by our supporters. These are not just attenders, not even just new converts, but discipled, new converts. This is an investment that will last forever.  Click or scan the buttons below to give online. 

There are several ways to sponsor training:

  1. Church Partners: Many churches have taken the challenge to underwrite the expense of starting a new training center in a nation and to provide the trainers to teach the 10 Courses and coach the national pastors as they multiply training centers in that country.
  2. Foundations: T-Net uses foundation support for initial funding of indigenous T-Net country leaders and costs directly related to international training centers.
  3. Support a T-Net Staff Member: Like most missionary organizations our staff raise their own funding.  Without the generous support of ministry support partners who faithfully give and pray our staff could not continue to serve.  Please click on the E-give link to donate.
  4. Individual Partners: Some individuals have chosen to adopt a nation and fund the first T-Net training center in that country. Contact us about upcoming opportunities.
  5. Partner as a Trainer: Other individuals have dedicated themselves as trainers who join a training team to teach all or part of a T-Net training center. Please contact us if you are interested in joining a training team to assist with teaching one course.