T-Net Courses

Two Levels – Two Degrees

Level 1: T-NET utilizes 10 courses to provide a full basic pastoral education. To earn a BA or MA in Ministry pastors form a T-Net 10-Course Training Center meeting for a full week of study every four months for three years. After Course 5 pastors form teams and begin to train others whom they have recruited into new T-Net Centers.

  1. Introduction to Finishing the Great Commission
  2. Church Planting
  3. How to Teach Bible Study Methods and Sermon Preparation
  4. How to Teach Evangelism and Disciplemaking Training
  5. Coaching Leaders and Multiplying Ministry
  6. Developing a Recipe and Infrastructure for Disciplemaking
  7. Developing Leaders and Launching Disciplemaking Ministries
  8. Managing and Multiplying Disciplemaking Churches
  9. How to Teach the Entire Bible to an Entire Church
  10. How to Teach Bible Doctrine to an Entire Church


Students must be committed to finishing the Great Commission, become part of a training team and to pay their own expenses, including tuition, fees, travel and food.

Level 2: Adding either an MA or a DMin Degree. Students who have begun their own training centers can pursue a second degree in Organizational Management for the Multiplication of Ministry. The T-Net 10-Course degree is a prerequisite. Those who earned a BA may now advance to an MA, those who earned an MA during the 10-Course program may now pursue a Doctor of Ministry. Teaching fellowships provide scholarships for 75% of the 60 credit hours.

  • Management of Personal Life and Ministry
  • Coaching and Mentoring of Leaders
  • Communication skills/Conflict Resolution
  • Advanced Spiritual Development
  • Supervision and Accountability
  • Leadership Development
  • Ethics in Ministry
  • Issues in Organizational Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Advanced Reporting and Data Analysis
  • Ministry Practicum (Learning by Doing)
  • Teaching Practicum (Learning by Teaching)
  • Final Project