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Spiritual Journey Evaluation  


The Spiritual Journey Evaluation is a spiritual life survey that is taken by members of a particular congregation to help the pastor(s) measure the percent of their congregation that is presently in each of the four training phases used by Christ (maturity levels). This allows the Pastor to train the right number of small group leaders at the right maturity levels for his congregation. View a sample summary printout below. 

Click Here to see slides comparying a church at the beginning and end of the DisciplePath (US T-Net) Church Training process.

Please contact for a copy of this survey or to request access to the online scoring.

 SJEReportPage1.JPG  SJEReportPage2.JPG

Ministry Match Assessment

Description: Ministry Match is a multiple-construct tool developed to measure the elements of an individual's life that are directly related to Christian ministry. There are both Lay and Professional versions that are taken online. The Professional version was specially created to evaluate pastors, church staff and vocational Christian workers. The Ministry Match is presently used by The Evangelical Free Church of America Placement Office, Trinity International University, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and hundreds of pastors and churches across America. To order and complete a Ministry Match inventory please visit the Center for Church Effectiveness website  View a sample report.