Why DisciplePath

Is Today’s Church Effective?

Most churches will see fewer than two people come to Christ in a year. The morals and ethics of the average church attendee are no different than those of the unchurched.

The correlation between spiritual maturity and years spent in church attendance?  ... little, or none!

So, what is the key to a congregation’s spiritual life, health and passion? Having a church full of disciples, not just attendees.

A Personalized Experience

With DisciplePath, you are not simply applying a cookie-cutter model that worked for another church. You will have a personalized training experience tailored for your specific church/denomination, situation and needs.

Unleash the disciplemaking power of your church!

A Process That Works

Programs come and go, but with DisciplePath, you will have a foundation upon which your small groups, evangelism, ministries and programs can be built, regardless of how those individual programs might evolve over time. Yes, changing the spiritual DNA of your church takes more time than simply attending a workshop or applying a template “model,” but it is ultimately a much more significant work, and allows the Holy Spirit to direct your disciplemaking journey.

A People-Building Training Process
  • A complete process for intentional disciplemaking

  • Your staff and leaders will be fully trained as equippers

  • A program personalized for your individual church and/or denomination

This process has created measurable results for the thousands of churches that have partnered with DisciplePath.

Results You Can Measure

What will your results be after the DisciplePath Pathway to Enhanced Disciplemaking?

View Spiritual Journey Evaluation before and after DisciplePath training comparison.

On average, DisciplePath churches have:

  • 80% more people come to Christ
  • 500% higher involvement in an intentional disciplemaking process
  • Significant increases in general fund giving
  • 300% increase in small group participation
  • The establishment of an intentional, church-wide disciplemaking process that positively impacts every aspect of their program and ministry

Contact DisciplePath

Dr Joe Olachea, DisciplePath Church Training USA Director, jolachea@disciplepath.org 609-706-0573

DisciplePath Church Training - P.O. Box 460579, Aurora, CO 80046 info@tnetwork.com 720-886-0737