The Pathway to Enhanced Disciplemaking

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Our Core Program

DisciplePath's core process is a comprehensive, 32-month, personalized training and coaching experience that will unify your leaders, focus your ministry efforts, increase your spiritual effectiveness and powerfully transform your congregation through the creation of an intentional disciplemaking process.

With DisciplePath, you are not simply applying a cookie-cutter model that worked for another church. You will have a personalized training experience tailored for your specific church/denomination, situation and needs.

The DisciplePath Church Training program is more than just a class or seminar; it is comprehensive coaching that takes your church leadership team through the process of creating an intentional disciplemaking program that will be effective in your church context.

Not only will this help you identify and embrace your own core values and doctrines, but it will ensure that everyone on your team is on the same page, promoting unity and a shared disciplemaking vision.

DisciplePath Coach

More than a trainer, your DisciplePath coach is a true consultant, advisor and friend who will provide information and walk your team through the transformational DisciplePath process. DisciplePath coaches are all seasoned ministry professionals with significant expertise, education and first-hand experience.

A Process, Not a Program

Programs come and go, but with DisciplePath, you will have a foundation upon which your small groups, evangelism, ministries and programs can be built, regardless of how those individual programs might evolve over time. Yes, changing the spiritual DNA of your church takes more time than simply attending a workshop or applying a template “model,” but it is ultimately a much more significant work, and allows the Holy Spirit to direct your disciplemaking journey.

Your Personalized Process

Using key diagnostic tools, your DisciplePath coach will help your church assess its current strengths and growth areas. This powerful insight is the starting line for your journey. Your coaching is individualized and will provide direction and accountability your church needs to succeed.

Strategic Team Meetings

Your team will attend a series of nine strategic training meetings over 32 months to walk your team through the development and implementation of your disciplemaking process. These meetings are held at regional training centers or at your own church and often include teams from other churches.

Denominational Partnerships

DisciplePath serves more than 40 denominations including Southern Baptist, Church of God, Evangelical Free, Presbyterian, Christian Church/Church of Christ, Lutheran, Assemblies of God and many more. Let DisciplePath create personalized curriculum for, and license trainers within, your denomination.

Contact DisciplePath

DisciplePath Church Training - P.O. Box 460579, Aurora, CO 80046 720-886-0737